Fix The Missing DLC Pack Error on Modern Warfare – PS4

Fix missing DLC Packs error on Modern Warfare on PS4


As the updates for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II have been rolled out, more and more people have encountered problems in various areas. One of the most frustrating issues undoubtedly has been the problem many have faced with installing DLC Packs. We have now found a good solution on how to fix the missing DLC Pack error on Modern Warfare on PS4!

When everything else has been tried, good advice is expensive – but don’t despair: there is hope.

I tried everything, but then found a kind of solution that worked well and was surprisingly simple!

Read on!

Try this first!

Normally, it’s the ‘simple’ things that might be smart to try first. This includes several different things, but here you get a kind of summary.

I encountered problems after the Season 5 update in Modern Warfare – and I play on a PS4 Pro. I was trying to open DMZ, but then received a message that one or more DLC Packs had expired. Then I had the opportunity to install them, and all was well up to that point.

After the packs were downloaded, they were still marked as ‘Not Installed’. So I tried again… and again… and again. To no avail.

So, it was time to start trying seriously, and I suggest you do the same.

Delete the game and download it again Try switching from a wired connection to wifi – or vice versa Clean your PS4 completely and download again

There are many possibilities and I’ve tried a bunch of other solutions – but nothing worked.

How to Fix DLC Pack error on Modern Warfare 2 on PS4

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the weeks went by without me being able to play my favorite game. The solution was both simple and comprehensive at the same time – but it worked.

This is how I did it – step by step:

  1. Delete the game from your user on PS4.
  2. Create a new user on – with a new email.
  3. Log in to your original user and invite your new user to ‘your family.’
  4. Accept the invitation that has been sent to your new email.
  5. Add the new user to your PS4.
  6. Then download Modern Warfare 2 again.
  7. Open the game and try – there might be some minor updates needed.
  8. If the game now works – HURRAY!
  9. Close the game from your new user and restart your PS4.
  10. Log in to your old user and open Modern Warfare 2.
  11. Hopefully, the game should now work – it did for me.

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Good luck!